Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Creative Couponing at CVS!

Totally fun shopping trip last Friday at CVS. First transaction--remember I had the $7.00 CVS bucks from last week to use.....I purchased TG Lee Milk for $3.79 ($1.00 CVS bucks reward.) Revitalens 10 oz contact solution ($4.00 CVS bucks reward plus a $2.00 off coupon.) Oral-B Satin 55yards floss ($1.00 CVS bucks reward plus .75 cent off coupon.) Crest Pro Health 4.2 oz toothpaste ($1.00 CVS bucks reward plus $1.00 off coupon.) CVS Heavy Duty Fabric band-aids  24 count (usually 20 but 20% more free in this box and I had the free coupon from scanning my card weeks earlier. Coupon was expired but they honored it just like the little man said they would.) Total: $7.27 with $7.00 in CVS bucks to spend on the next transaction. Total savings: $19.04

Transaction 2: Pringles, 4 each $6.00 ( $1.00 off coupon with 4.) Dawn Dish washing Liquid with Olay 3 each @ .99 each ( Used three .75 cent off coupons) TG Lee TruMoo $3.59 (My daughter had to have it--full purchase price...no coupons--Ouch!!) I used the $7.00 CVS bucks from the last transaction....total bill $2.49. Savings:  $13.37

Both transactions combined, I spent $9.76 and I saved  $32.41...not bad. We walked out of there with 5 bags of goodies and we were smiling!

I did scan my card as we entered....I got a coupon for another freebie! Try it guys! :)

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  1. I got your card today, thanks! It was nice to have a smile while I try to help Tom out. Maybe I will try this CVS stuff. Free stuff is good.