Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hit the Target!

Let's not go to extremes here but this shopping with coupons stuff is so much fun!! And Target has turned out to be way more exciting than I originally thought. I must admit...this past weekend, I purchased a few coupons on ebay that weren't in our paper or I preferred to have more than three of the particular coupon. As we were leaving for Target, three sets of the coupons came in the mail. One set was for the St. Ives lotion....coupon is .75 cents off any size. Well, guess what??!! Target has that lotion on clearance right now for .67 cents each in the trial size section. Amazing!! There were only 19 but I had 20 coupons so I purchased them all for just the cost of tax. ($1.12) Of course, the 20 coupons did cost me .99 cents so I suppose that total is $2.11! What a great deal!! :)

September is month two of my serious bid to coupon. I have set my goal at shaving $200.00 off our monthly grocery bill. In the first month, I cut the bill by $100.00 and I am well on my way to saving between $150.00-200.00 this month. There is a lot of information to absorb and many tricks to the trade but I am learning every day and I will reach the goal! SOON! :)

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