Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday, I took my usual Sunday trip down to the BP to get another Sunday paper. You never know what you will learn just by talking to people. I managed to pick up the sloppiest paper in the stack-go figure! The cashier was trying to straighten it for me. I told her not to bother--I wasn't reading it anyway. I only wanted the coupons. She looked at me kinda funny....guess she isn't a fellow KCL but she asked me if I was serious. (I already had one paper at home on the counter anyway.) I said Yep! I only want the coupons. Well, she said she wanted the paper and offered to split the cost with me. I snagged my second set of coupons for .79 cents. Score!

Deal at Dollar General!!
If you have the Nivea coupons from the paper--$2.00 off any body wash 8.4 ounce or larger, it is on sale at Dollar General now for $2.00. It is an unadvertised sale. It isn't marked on the shelf but it sure does ring up $2.00. I did this deal on Friday. The cashier was so excited that I only owed the tax! She was so happy for me...asked me how I did it. It was truly a fun experience. I will shop there more often! Nivea is great body wash to get for free! Score! :)

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